List of Back to Back Meetings 


BALTIC SEA YOUTH CAMP, 8-11 June 2019, Gdańsk, more

Baltic Sea Youth Camp – Nothing About Us, Without Us! - read more in a post written by Aline & Johanna who took part in the camp.

Baltic Sea Youth Declaration

CBSS: article & photos


PARTICIPATION DAY, 11 June 2019, Gdańsk, more


During the Participation Day attendees from the Baltic Sea Region countries could listen and discuss about the exact actions that were possible thanks to cross – border cooperation.

Inspirations and experiences were shown from 3 perspectives:

  • Public sector's perspective – Europe is experiencing major problems with social feeling of insecurity and growing conflicts between nations. Evidencies of these deep divisions are for instance results of elections to the European Parliament. The positive dimension, which can counterbalance this tendencies, is phenomenon of youth (e.g. in Sweden, Finland), who induce certain environmental/climatic decision on politicians, both local and national level.
  • It is quite incendiary that from the private sector perspective the thing that really makes the difference is culture. Culture is understood here as mix of customs and convictions about failure in business or career. In Europe the rule is simple – if you fail, you are a failure. In United States' culture it is perceived differently, as an experience, it is respectful failure, which do not exclude you from e.g. the credit market.
  • 3rd sector point of view was presented by the example of Umbrella project (, which aims to provide knowledge and skills and which involves changing the way of thinking about participation in project within the BS Region. The shortest message is: ask, learn how to cooperate and be creative.

It was also explained why macro – regional strategies can be called a laboratories for a new Europe. This is because macro – societal challenges can not be solved by a single country, region or municipality (like migration or marine environment pollutions) and because solutions implemented on a large scale are often more cost – effective.

During the second part of the Day participants, representing different stakeholders, tried to work out common ideas for projects within 5 thematic objectives. In response to staff shortages an open data base was proposed, which gives the opportunities of life – long learning and recruitment at once. Also the idea of joint skills development and competence centres in small and medium harbours was presented.


CBSS photos


SCHOOL TO WORK ANNUAL CONFERENCE, 11 June 2019, Gdańsk, more (invitation)

This year the conference focused on sustainable and coherent strategies from school to work – finding a red thread from preventative work in schools to education and outreach work for NEETs.

A sustainable and coherent approach to preventing early school leaving and reintegrating NEET youth into education or work requires that all involved actors work together. To find the key to a more comprehensive support structure, following topics were discussed in break-out groups and panel discussions:

  • Prevention of early school leaving and early warning systems; 
  • Better coordinated measures and stronger skills for work in multicompetent teams; 
  • Outreach work; 
  • Sustainable models for cross-sectoral cooperation, involving all the resources available and putting them to good use; 
  • Vocational education;
  • Integration of refugees;
  • Policy work to put good practices within ordinary structures.



The seminar was be moderated by Ms Bettina Rafaelsen, external consultant to the European Commission/DG Regio, responsible for the review reports of the ongoing revision of the EUSBSR Action Plan.
Politicians and civil servants from cities and regions around the Baltic Sea were present and happy to share their views and input to the work of the Policy Areas and Horizontal Areas as well as on the governance of the EUSBSR.

CBSS photos



The NCs are planning to recap the Forum, discuss the governance of the Strategy in the run-up to the revision of the Action Plan. Further steps of the revision process  will be discussed. The Finnish NC will formally start Finland's  chairmanship in the NC group.



Back to Back Meetings - Where to organise?

We kindly ask you to respect the fact that back-to-back meetings are only envisaged outside the official programme of the Annual Forum.

We would like to recommend the conference facilities listed below for the back-to-back meetings. 

Please keep in mind that we do not take any responsibility for the administration of your booking or any other issues.


Central Hotel Gdańsk

VIP room (42m2) - seats up to 50 people. Room includes data projector, screen, pointer, flipchart and Wi-Fi.

Ballroom (72m2) - elegant hall with high windows overlooking the city centre of Gdańsk. Ballroom can accommodate up to 80 people. Room includes data projector, screen, pointer, flipchart, sound system and Wi-Fi.

Location: Gdańsk, Podwale Grodzkie 4


Martime Culture Centre

Conference room (168m2) - seats up to 100 people in a cinema arrangement. It offers a conference hall for organization of seminars, trainings and conferences. Room includes sound system, 4 wireless microphones, LCD monitor, multimedia projector, screen, Wi-Fi.

Location: Gdańsk, ul. Tokarska 21-25


Granaries on Ołowianka Island

Conference room - seats  from 50 up to 170 people. It is a marvelous place for your seminar, workshop or event. Room includes multimedia projector, sound system, screen, wireless microphones, flipchart.

Location: Gdańsk, ul. Ołowianka 9-13



Radisson Blu Gdansk

Conference room - seats  for up to  220 people and can also be divided into or three smaller individual spaces thanks to a system of movable walls. Confrence room (Rezydent) - on the ground floor area of 165 m2, and chic interior forming the perfect backdrop for seminars, balls, receptions and family events. This comfortable room boasts state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, wireless Internet and individual air-conditioning.

Location: Gdańsk, ul. Długi Targ 19/Powroźnicza



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