Let’s participate in 10th EUSBSR Annual Forum in Gdansk!

Let’s participate in 10th EUSBSR Annual Forum in Gdansk!

Why should everyone interested in circular economy participate in the EUSBSR Annual Forum? "The Forum will give a lot of insight, facts, good practises and an arena to share knowledge for the future" says Ann Irene Saeternes, Secretary General of the BSSSC, co-organiser of the event.

There is still time to register! ➡️https://strategyforum2019.eu/registration

„You should come to the Forum to explore a strong connection between the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region and growing challenges such as depopulation, ageing, migrations, new production and consumption models” encourages Mr Mieczyslaw Struk Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship.

„The Annual Forum is a great way to join the EUSBSR & find out how it can boost your activities”, says Polish National Coordinator Joanna Wojtkowska. She encourages everyone to participate in the Forum in Gdansk and celeberate the 10 years of cooperation in the EUSBSR!

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