Networking Village

The Annual Forums offer both new and implementing stakeholders different platforms for policy dialogues and for obtaining new knowledge and new contacts. Policy dialogues and acquirement of knowledge take place during plenary sessions, seminars and in the Networking Village. For all stakeholders, all these parts as a whole are excellent opportunities to get a better overview of all the work that is been carried out within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, EUSBSR.

The Networking Village is the obvious centre of the Annual Forums, the place to find information, meeting colleagues and most important the first step to join the group of implementing stakeholders. 

New contacts are primarily made in connection to the Networking Village where participants of the Annual Forum come in direct contact with those responsible for the work of EUSBSR. The Networking Village is a physical place, adjacent to the plenary room, where participants can meet with coordinators of the policy areas of the EUSBSR. Currently there are 13 policy areas and 4 so called horizontal areas. Within each Policy Area, collaborative processes, so-called flagships, are in progress. In each and one of these flagships participants from most countries from the Baltic Sea region and from different levels of governance, local, regional and national, from the private, public and civil sectors, cooperate in order to find better solutions to mutual societal challenges.

Flagships are platforms for developing policy recommendations and suggestions for new working methods. Some of these processes will be presented at Policy Area stands in the Networking Village. Staff at the stands will answer questions and arrange for participants to meet with Policy Area Coordinators and leaders of some of the flagships. It will be an opportunity to discuss ideas for cooperation within the framework of the EUSBSR or to ask questions on how to get involved in EUSBSR cooperation processes.

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